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Interview: Rand Paul Explains What’s Really Causing America’s Inflation Woes | Brad Polumbo

“I think inflation is pretty easy to explain and people need to know what causes inflation,” Senator Paul said in an exclusive interview. “[The federal government] gets debt, then the Federal Reserve prints up new money to pay for the debt, that new money enters circulation, and that expansion of the money supply [leads to] […]


4 Facts About Gold IRA Storage

If you plan on protecting your wealth with a gold IRA, you’ll have to protect your gold from the IRS. Luckily, following a few simple rules can do that while …


Unemployment Rates

As several states are experiencing a fall in unemployment rates, the overall national average paints a bleaker picture, as it is starting to slowly rise, causing an array of social and economic problems for the ordinary citizen. There are more than 1.69 million Americans unemployed currently. This number is awful and means that more Americans […]